I write about a lot of different topics.
Both from the heart and imagination.
My passion in life is not only wellness
- but keeping creativity in daily living.
~ Tabitha Montgomery

Monday, November 17, 2014

Back from hiatus.

Returning to Blogger once again after a long hiatus.
Working on some more changes.Writing is feeling
good and productive.Imagination and creativity is
doing well.Looking forward to reading up Blogs.
Here's to self expressing our own voices / views
via this creative and technological medium.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring into healthier eating..

Winter long cold and dark days often creates our desire for
rich and savory meals.Hearty to hold in a big mug with our
own spoon.Often we devour more treats around Christmas.
The ripple effects of our Winter nibbles of sweets n salts can
catch up to us by Spring and we're in need of a little healthy
Spring cleaning physically,not just around the yard and house.

I found this link to some attractive,fresh new healthy salads to
add to your daily menu if  you're like me and yearn to eat a bit
more fresh and raw foods for your health,body and wellness.

Spring is an inspiring time of year to explore and nurture new or
- old ideas and start growing those visions into a vibrant reality.


Growing life and beauty from home..

Last night I was thinking just before I fell sleep,
about all of the houses and landscapes I admire
in my neighborhood.Then this morning I woke up
feeling more inspired than ever to put a little more
hard work and pride into my own home and garden.

Our living environments can make a huge difference
in the way we feel physically and physiologically,daily.

So here's to taking time to enhance the well being of
our homes and gardens with a little imagination and
customize beautification.Because - There should be ..
no place like home So,let's enjoy making it our own.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Mayo,mustard and Azodicarbonamide ?

I recently wrote Subway to ask about the background news story
I had read about an ingredient in their breads called Azodicarbonamide.
Subway is not alone in this ingredient use and they are taking steps now
to remove it as an email I recieve back stated.I'll share it here for you to
read,because I think it's important for consumers to reach out to the very
source of our foods if and when we ever have questions,comments and -
concerns.Because when are having a lunch favorite prepared for us and
the sandwich makers asks if we would like mayo and mustard on that,we
have to ask someone else if there's Azodicarbonamide in it first to be sure
we're satsified with it's quality all the way through.It's our money.And it's
our health.Ask questions when it doubt.It puts pressure on companies that
need consumers trust and money to survive.Let's hope Subway can set the
example for other companies to stop hiding chemicals in our foods that may
have long term health effects.Or at the very least,reveal every ingredient and
let the consumer decide for themselves.So yes to the mayo and mustard but
hold the Azodicarbonamide please.

Sidebar note.There are hundreds of products with Azodicarbonamide. and or
countless other chemicals we cannot pronounce much less know anything about.
I hope more people will do their research,read the labels,write companies when
they want more information about their food sources.It can make a difference for
your own good to know files,And keeps companies more accountable for quality.
More information here.

Good morning,
I wanted to share with you what we here at SUBWAY® have been working on to further improve our bread. We know you were previously very concerned about our bread containing Azodicarbonamide.
Our new Azo-free bread dough (No Azodicarbonamide) is now in over 75% of our North American stores and we expect that number to be at 100% within the coming weeks. Our previous bread recipe will be out of all our stores by the end of April, and to our knowledge Subway will be the first major restaurant chain in North America to completely remove Azodicarbonamide from its core bread formulations.  

At Subway we take great pride in our bread leadership, and that leadership goes back 30 years to when we first introduced in-store baking in 1984. Once again we’re pleased to lead the way in the quick service industry, this time with the removal of Azodicarbonamide.  

Azodicarbonamide is used in most bread and by most brands, and is a safe government approved dough conditioner, but removing the trace amount in our breads has long been part of our bread improvement program. We introduced Azo-free rolls in 2013 and will complete the entire conversion within weeks. .

At Subway we are always improving, and we will be making even more bread improvements in the years to come. For example, here are some of the recent improvements that have been made to our bread.

2014 – 51% whole grains now used in our 9-Grain Wheat bread (100% of the daily Whole Grain requirement per Footlong).
2013 - Azo-free bread introduced (Azodicarbonamide removed), with 100% conversion by April, 2014.
2012 – Sodium content was reduced by 29% for 9-Grain Wheat bread and 42% for Italian bread.       
 2011 - Removed high fructose corn syrup from our 9-Grain Wheat bread (There is no HFCS in the Italian bread)
2011 -  Fortified US bread with Vitamin D and Calcium
2009 – Improved Wheat bread by converting to 9-Grain Wheat bread
2008-  Introduced az0-free flatbread
2008 - Removed trans-fats.
2007 – Increased fiber content in wheat bread
Paula Gomez

***DISCLAIMER*** The information contained in this e-mail and attachments, if any, is confidential and may be subject to legal privilege. If you are not the intended recipient, you must not use, copy, distribute or disclose the e-mail and its attachment, or any part of its content or take any action in reliance of it. If you have received this e-mail in error please e-mail the message back to the sender by replying and then deleting it.  We cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage arising from the use of this e-mail or attachments and recommend that you subject these to  your virus checking procedures prior to use. Thank you.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

3 Dances a Day

I do not dance in public.Just how I am.
Sometimes my hubby and I will pretend
to dance for a minute here and there but
he's just not got the rhythm.And that's ok.

I love music.Live or not.But I just can't
seem to unfreeze myself in public enough
to really cut a rug.But I like it at home now.
And here's why.

A friend of mine suggested some time ago
that to get exercise daily can be as easy
as turning your stereo on and playing the
music you love that makes you dance ♫

She said three dances a day is a great
way to enhance your wellness as it's
good for circulation,cardio and more.

So I tried it.Reluctantly I cleared space
in the living room and put some music
on.My dog was confused and thought
I was playing so in part of my dance /
pushing the dog away'ersise,I smiled
and even started to laugh out loud.

Soon enough,I felt my body get in tune
with music,my thoughts disengage from
the barrage of things to do lists and just
enjoyed the music.Eventually, starting
to sing.And let me tell you something,
when I sing along to a song I feel like
such a professional.Try to sing a song
without it - and I sound like an animal
of some kind.lol.Not really,but point is
music makes us feel good.And so does
dancing at times.In fact,I recently read
that singing also enhances our health and
well being.It is an expression that comes
from within physically as well as tied in to
self expression via lyrics..win ..and win..

So,as shy as I may be to publicly dance.
I enjoy my three dances a day at home.
In the privacy of my own living room -
well yes,with my dog.But she too seems
to enjoy the music as well.She's getting
some good out of it too.As for the cats,
they silently watch slightly amused from
the comfort of the feline friendly perches.

And when it's all done,I've worked a bit
of a sweat,smiled quite a bit and got the
daily recommended requirement my friend
said I need to help maintain good health.

So if you're a creature of comfort and or
somewhat shy to dance in public too,but
in desire for a bit of bodily movements to
get the blood flowing.Turn on the music
and give three dances a whirl - you may
just enjoy it as much as my dog and I do.

Or if  you have a human dance partner,
- make that part of the fun times too !


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Turning dreams into poetry.

Walking down a quiet gravel road,
Wearing her crystal glass slippers.
The heavy rain drenching her blonde
Hair and black mascara. Red cotton
Dress waving with each step against
The gusts of wind. Freedom guiding her.
Solitude holding her hand. Love carrying

her heart. She felt safe and free alone.
Thunder filled the darkened, stormy skies
Lightening casted spells upon her spirit.
She slipped out of her mirror slippers and
Held them in her slender ivory hands and
She smiled softly, dancing gracefully within
the full night’s dream, until it came to a fork
in the road at sunrise. Then the gravel road
transformed into a green pathway. Where it
led she did not know. She simply slipped back
Into her glass slippers continued to wonder,
And fearless.

Written by Tabitha Montgomery.
Fun threading dreams with words.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Working with nature...

This mornings meditation I was thinking about how
life - and wellness move a lot more smoothly when
we learn to work with nature.From discovering ways
to enhance our sleep at night,to using our bodies and
our minds during the day productively and creatively.
( Of course everyone has their own schedules here. )

I think it's easy to overlook when were going through
spells of resistance for one reason or another.That is
how life just gets sometimes.We struggle until we're
ready to surrender - and make healthier connections
to ourselves and the world.I believe in the power of
our choices.Once they feel right, customize them all.
That includes all areas of life from nutrition to work.

And stay in touch with the natural side of living well
and true to you and your amazingly unqiue lifetime.
After all, life and living is natural too.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Resuming Grief Blog writing..

Just sharing a link to my Grief support writing blog
for anyone interested.It's a way for me to funnel
through my own darkness,finding bits and pieces
of lightness along the way.So many have guided
me at times with their unique lights.Thank you !!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Patti Smith: Advice to the young

Sharing here for anyone,any age.
What she says is so great and true.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

You'e beautiful,even when you don't smile.

That's not to say frowning is attractive.
But being present within ourselves during

times of low energy,stress,grief and other
spiritually challenging times,allows us to be
free to walk within our own skin like a lantern
in the dark,maybe not smiling all of the time
but allowing our light to shine in other ways.
Sometimes the dimmest light in the room is
the most comforting.Be your own beautiful.
Let your light keep your path gently lit before
you and for those who may cross your path.
To me,that is true self caring beauty...

Monday, February 10, 2014

When it rains...

Photo by Tabitha Montgomery 2014

~ Turn rain into tranquility ~


Friday, January 24, 2014

Solitude under the stars..

Last night I curled up into a down filled sleeping bag
and laid across our vintage church pew outside under
our little Dr.Seuss looking tree that still has the string
on Christmas lights in it.As I rested myself beneath a
warm colorful glow from the branches,staring up at a
ceiling of heavenly Winter white sparkling star lights ~

The hum of traffic dissipated behind a low lying layer of
freshly whipped up fog that rolled in from the cozy inlet.
I admired Mother Natures marvelous display of beauty.
And strength.We humans are so small.Amazing how we
can cause so much ruckus down here on Earth's surface.
I embraced the peacefulness of peppermint fresh air sink
into my cheeks.Eyes slightly watery.I just relaxed and I
smiled to myself.Not a stress or worry was on my mind.

I didn't stay out long but the few minutes I did take just
star gazing was enough to refuel some clarity and rest...
I carried the whimsical feeling of mystery that are hidden
behind the stars,with me and my imagination.This to me
is what creates poetry,science research,dreams and living.
Imagining the unknowns,without fears.And with respect.

I slept well thru the night and - wanted to share this as a
hopefully inspiring reminder that no matter how busy our
lives can get,there should always be time made for some

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

From my world to yours..

Tabitha Montgomery ©
From my world to yours,
here's to living creatively.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

This mornings meditation..

I sat on the finished hardwood floors just beside the heater vent.
Wearing my pajamas and wool hat,nibbling cheese and crackers.
And witnessing Natures morning routine outside our large living
room window that faces the Southern mountain horizon and wide
open skies.My two dogs sitting by my side.Smiling.And drooling.

The sound of the new day opening is unlike any other.It is almost
transparent in any noise until you listen carefully.The way the birds
greet each other first thing in the morning with their unique songs ♫
And the way the dusty colored fog yawns and stretches across the
pine tree tops from the little watery inlet down in the bay near here.

I crunched my crackers gingerly,trying not to disturb the tranquility.

I watch the silhouettes of the feathered friends frolicking through the
open skies like porpoises free out in the open seas.Swimming thru the
refreshing crisp air freely and taking nose dives into the misty floors
beneath the trees,then streaming up again like a rocket being launched
way up into the brilliant bronze and mixed blue skies of the sun opening
up from behind the mountains.Big puffy clouds made a path that looked
like stepping stones,directly from the center of the sky, into the sun rays
flashing from the entire circumference of the sunny day breaking.

So brilliantly subtle,bright,colorful,peaceful.And right before my eyes.

I smiled,gratitude filled me.For this life of mine and the wisdom to truly
feel I can appreciate life's beauties,mysteries.And learn from some of
life's miseries too.My meditations are part of  living well.From the soul.
And imagination.Very liberating and cherished to see life along my path.
I mean really being able to see it.Outside my window and inside my mind.

No denial.To me,this is living full.Seeing what you need and hope for in life
for yourself and others.And without seeing life wearing rose colored glasses.

The furnace kicked on and the cheese and crackers now devoured by my
canine family and I.The day has started with a list of things to do being met
slowly but surely.And as I write this post,I am reminded how important my
daily meditations are because they are as important as a healthy breakfast..
(Which btw can also be a few slices of cheese with crackers sometimes! )

Mornings refuel my overall energy and help keep me grounded to what's most
important in life..Taking the time out to find inner peace and reflections.With that
perspective,I feel far greater to succeed in kick a days ass in other areas of life.

Here's to a new day ~ May yours be re energized in your own ways too ! ~


Monday, January 13, 2014

Post Traumatic Growth

I watched this video over the weekend.
It struck close to home and I am grateful
to have learned of something that is being
called, Post Traumatic Growth.Very good!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Remembering to nurture our..Curiosity . . .

Photo by Tabitha Montgomery

This past Summer I spent an afternoon alone
in the sanctuary of an outdoor Chinese garden.
Created with Japanese maples,Bonsais,stones
and a waterfall cascading into a modest small
pond that was filled with marbled Koi fish.

I let my mind wonder far away from the day to
day stresses - and let my imagination run free....
I hopped stepping stones and took photos of
cobwebs,fish,turtles,trees,sun kisses and more.

I found a perch next to the Koi fish pond where
I sat and marveled at the turtle sun bathing on a
lone rock , as the mermaid like fin of the exotic
goldfish fanned the very still waters,creating gentle
and calming waves with it's feathery fishtail wand.

I let myself observe everything that afternoon.As
the sun held my face and hair in it's warm hands,
I felt my body relax,my breath exhale freely and
my desire to feel more balanced was being met,
slowly but surely with each new sunbeam on me.

As I closed my eyes and listened to the hush of
the waterfall and the city traffic off in the distant,
And I was profoundly moved by the awareness
and connection that curiosity has in simple living.

The kind of whimsical, fresh freedom that fed my
urge to learn, to imagine, to climb trees and swim
under waters.To read and dance,To experience the
sense of adventure within a daydream or a field trip.
My personality was being nurtured.My spirituality,
being fed wisdom,insight,creativity,awe,wonder and
so much more that contributed to who I am today.

The freedom of learning to ride a bike, when I took
the risk and let my Mom let go of the bike.I wanted
to know what that felt like.I was raging with curiosity.
And I can still remember clear as day the satisfaction
of gaining new lessons along my sidewalks of youth.
It was empowering.

All the years later,as a Mother and working adult who
has bills to pay and adult realities to tend to, I reunited
the simple joys and freedom of curiosity. To marvel at
the over sized gold fish and the way the sun set off sparks
across the meditative pond before my eyes.That is what
feeds our spirituality,the desire to learn more.And it all
starts by remembering and allowing our curiosity to join
daily adult living.It feeds spontaneity and experience.

It add joy our day to day routines,outside the limits of what
we can otherwise, unintentionally, lock ourselves up within.
( Like stressful emotions.etc)

Curiosity can become a companion and a teacher.

Today I heard a bright laugh from a woman who has no
children of her own - and feels she perhaps is missing the
childlike wonders that parents are often reconnected to
when raising kids....But if you heard this woman's honest
and carefree laugh,you'd know she's still got a lot of child
like whimsy and curiosity in her somewhere.May she look
to find it more often after reading this,written in her honor.

Thank you for keeping me reminded me too, Sylvia.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Soup Season !

Posted some homemade soup ideas to help you
get through the cold/flu/Winter season.Nutrition
is preventative medicine as well as daily moving.
Keeping our health a priority doesn't have to be
a chore.It is one of the best parts of self care
Enjoy trying new recipes that include whole fresh
foods from your local market.It's easy and never
expensive.Like making lunches to go to work,you
can create whatever best suits your pallet and -
your daily balanced nutritional needs.So enjoy -
And best wishes for healthier vibrant daily living!

 Chicken Tortilla Soup loaded with fresh herbs,spices,steamed chicken,beans,tomatoes,
veggies.Topped with unsalted crushed corn tortilla chips and grated Monterrey cheese.
Perfectly balanced spiced wholesome goodness to feed the body nutrients while nursing
a cold,flu.Or just to cozy up with a good book on one of these cold Winter days or nights.
Pureed Red Lentil Curry Coconut soup.Simple,nutritious and prefect to warrm up
the body just before a nap or when resting up on the couch with a good book one
lazy Winter Sunday off work.Red lentils,onion,carrots,ginger,garlic,curry,coconut milk.
Quick and easy wholesome homemade goodness.
~ Here's to simply healthy living during the colder months of Soup Season ~

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year ~ 2014 ~

Living and learning does not always mean
having to endure tough lessons in life.We
can also learn how to survive and live well
when we stop and listen to the wisdom of
simple life pleasures,deep and intense love
and heartfelt passions within.This year I am
wishing everyone the sense of adventure to
take what you yearn for in life and find ways
to make it happen.However best works just
for you.Do so without trepidations to what I
or others may think.Because chances are -
the world will greatly appreciate your entire
participation in living true to yourself,mind -
and heart.So in the year of 2014,may you be
spiritually free to live true to you and enjoy !

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Learning to turn worrying over.

This photo is how I imagine our letting go can make us feel.
Trusting we'll be okay
with the unknowns in the
big sea of life and our minds.

Worrying is a big negative loss of precious spiritual energy.

Keeping faith in others is far more energy efficient - so that
we've still got energy to enjoy and embrace my own life too.
Detaching with love from people we are concerned about will
help us see the possibilities through hope rather than disparity.
And I will always keep the hope for others who need help and
or wellness again in their lives.They are loved.And so are you.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tis' the season....

Here's to sticking to your sobriety over the holidays
to all of you abstaining from drug and alcohol use..
Temptation is all around this year.Stay strong and
grateful.However works for you,stay well and safe.
And if you're a casual drinker,remember to plan a
ride home before you go out..Happy safe holidays.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Peaceful gift giving.

It's that time of year again when some people feel
the emotions of the holiday season differently than
others.Here's to customizing your December month
however best suits you,without any obligations that
would otherwise leave you feeling resentful and/ or
unhappy.Wishing you each find some inner peace -
And find ways to share a little bit of that with others.
That's the best gift I can think of from one to another.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Emotional triggers.

Just a little shout out to those feeling the pre Christmas
blues.For me it's missing many from my life passed on.
Yesterday I really missed Mom deeply.Today's a new day.
I will always love the holidays because of the traditions
my Mother and Nana gave my family..No matter what..
I think sometimes we just have to feel the old triggers
to turn it over and make new discoveries to live within.
Incl.during the holiday season.Sending you all the best.

The is a link to my grief support blog
for anyone who may be interested.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Diversity in wellness.It's yours to customize.

I've copied a section down below from an *article I've read today.
I truly believe we each deserve to customize our own healthy ways
of living without judging or criticizing ourselves and others.Or trying
to compare the meanings and purposes of happiness.Too much of
the negative thinking stops of from breathing.Holding our vitality in a
constant state of condition that does not make life healthy for anyone
else to be around.So here's to not being afraid to explore the ways
we can live healthier and happier in our own skins and let others do
the same along their paths in life.This makes the world a better place.
It's called diversity.Thank you to all who continue to inspire me to live
true to my own ways to wellness,creatively,honestly and the best I can.

Three ways to live healthfully and truly feel good
It will involve working on yourself—however, this investment will pay off greatly in the long run. Here are three methods, tested throughout three millenniums:
  1. Start monitoring your thoughts. Spend five minutes every evening writing down how you felt that day. Remember the situations you encountered and emotions you felt. What negative character traits does that uncover? What do you plan to do tomorrow to start improving yourself and to change those particular character traits? It is very important to write everything down.
  2. Try to think more about things that make you happy. This is the miracle of positive thinking. When you concentrate on the things that you like, it's as if you move to a different frequency of vibrations, and the body starts to heal itself. Even better, there will be a greater number of good things in your life, because everything you think about becomes reality, including the problems that bother you. Concentrate on things you enjoy and watch how everything begins to change.
  3. Try out meditation. During meditation, the body and mind rest and heal themselves. You can read more about meditation in the article “How To Own A New Ferrari And Be As Smart As Einstein, Just By Calmly Sitting On Your Couch”.
Illness is simply our body's signal about an incorrect (or, rather, non-beneficial) lifestyle. Firstly it manifests as anxiety, fear, and negative thoughts. Only then, if no effort is made to work on oneself, the body sends a more powerful signal to get your attention and make you think about what you are doing wrong, in the form of physical symptoms.
Leave only the useful and meaningful things in your life. Because everything that is useful to you is always useful to others.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Lest We Forget

I met a Veteran of the Royal Canadian Navy and retired RCMP officer at work.
I asked him about his Navy tattoo and he promptly told me he got it on the night
of Dec.24th.1944 in the Port of Halifax,NS before leaving, as a young man,
for the Battle of the Atlantic.When I thanked him for his service and shook his hand,
he was taken aback.And with a swift stomp of his right foot said
" in all the years since I was in that war,nobody has every thanked me "
And he walked away smiling..

So while History is behind us..remember..there are still some who were apart of it,
who walk among us.Or watching over us.Keep a sense of those folks with you as
Remembrance day comes to an end.Because our freedom is 365 days of the year.

So lets all try to remember to stay grateful for that,everyday .


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New day.

Photo by Tabitha Montgomery 2013

Every morning I try to take time out for a meditation as I watched a new day open.

As sunrise lightens the sky I do my best to clear my mind of yesterdays thoughts and
make way for learning new lessons today to feed old dreams, hopes and passions.

I've longed believed my higher power is linked to the mysteries of the Universe  -
and Mother Nature.So to all seeking some balance within yourselves today,may you
find ways to quench your spiritual thirst for knowledge to inner peace and balance.

Here's to a new day of new self discoveries.

Monday, October 14, 2013

When dreams turn into insightful gifts...

Last night in a dream I was in a small empty plane
flying high in the clouds.A side door was opened and
tall woman who appeared to be a black haired villain,
threw my parachute out the door,out into the big
foggy sea of open skies.She said if I wanted to live
I'd better hurry up and catch my parachute,it's a
Long fall - but won't take long to hit the ground.
I dove out of the plane like I was diving into the
ocean.An icy free fall slapped my skin,twisting my
hair and causing my eardrums to start crackling.

I caught up to the parachute and unfolded it as
calmly as if I were sitting at a table.I slipped the
parachute on - and then suddenly woke up in my
home and a beautiful foggy pink salmon sunrise.
So take that black haired villain in my dream..lol..

  Later,a friend of mine commented after I shared this,
Or just maybe, she's the bearer of the gift one needs
to push us past our fears, I like gifts rather than villains.

She made a lovely statement that made me think about it.

Perhaps it was a gift.For now I'm still riding the James Bond
feeling and looking forwards to what adventures/gifts may offer.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Notification Settings.

I haven't figured out how to reset my notifications settings
to be alerted when I've received a comment and or when
comments are being conversed back and forth.I am doing
my best to figure this out,any suggestions welcomed.

My Grief Recovery Blog Update.

I've temporarily closed my Grief Recovery Blog
as it has been riddled with spam.I am planning on
opening it again soon for anyone interested in the
posts I shared there as well anyone who wants to
share in comments and links to their blogs of the
common wellness and recovery topics.I also want
to note, my writing is never an offering of advice.
I'm only sharing from my perspectives and from my
own exposures to life issues and how I deal with them.

Writing is a form of self expression like any art form.
We learn more about ourselves,creating who we are
more as we heal and grow.I share from my heart to
yours.With hope and compassion.Understanding and
joy.Yes,joy too.Because if there's one thing grief has
taught me immensely,never to overlook simple joys in
a day that make the bigger picture of life manageable
and beautiful.

Please Note: While the topic of Grief is Universal.
The losses we each experience are profoundly and
deeply personal.This is not a way to share my whole
life story for the whole world to read,not to exploit a
share from anyone else.From songs,literary arts and
more,grief has been something shared in individual
ways to help heal and unite us as human beings.But
we respect the more personal details.Respectively.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Electronic Spring Cleaning.

I've been Spring cleaning out my cel phone and PC.
Amazing the clutter it collects with us mindlessly in
our own worlds collecting data,images,contacts,etc.

It feels great to get files and such cluttered and
organized.I'll get to that overstuffed hall closest
eventually too..

Here's to finally getting caught up on a few
of those overdue chores.So we can start
recollecting more junk n stuff again..lol..

( it's true right ? )