Thursday, February 16, 2017

A part of my Dad's spirit - is a part of mine.

My late Nana, Mom and Dad.
That's me in the baby carriage.
One of the only photos I have of me and my Dad.

I write about my Dad because he
is truly one of the human beings
who has changed my path in life
for me never wanting to be like
him,after he become addicted to
drugs and alcohol.Before then,he
was a good man.He loved his wife
and kids.His friends.He was a hard
worker and appreciated music and
reading.He loved to cook and laugh.

(We shared a lot in common,from our
interests to the risk of addictions. I've
been sober for over twenty years now).

My Dad ever made amends or
apologize for his many years of
life hardships he put our family
through.( The list goes on).He did
say I love you a lot but my Father
died - never having said I'm sorry.

Then this happened.

The other night I dreamt about
walking downtown with my Dad.

It was nice outside.The streets
didn't feel overly busy.The sun
was out.Cars drove by quietly.

We stopped on the corner of
Granville and Georgia Street.

Waiting for the green cross light.
He asked me what I wanted us
to go do together.My reply was
to not go into a bar, in which he
responded by turning to me and
sincerely saying I'm sorry with a
long strong hug around me.

I wrapped my arms back around
his frail,tall, thin frame I could feel
through the white wool sweater he
wore that hung over his blue jeans
held up with a black belt.

The light turned green.
We agreed to go for lunch instead.

End of dream - a beginning of a new
realization.So vivid and enlightening.

I woke up realizing I have forgiven him
for a lot of resentments - and fear he
instilled in me during his two decades
of being addicted to drugs and alcohol
until his death from a heroin overdose.

It's human to harbor what has hurt us.
But it is also human to heal when we're
feeling secure enough to look at ways
to help let go.It's not easy for everyone.

But it's in our rights and heart to heal.
Believe that.

I'm certainly starting to and it's really
quite a spiritually liberating freedom
to not let myself be defined by those
bad memories but rather how I have
learned to accept them,understand
more and not hold them hostage in
my heart anymore.My family did not
deserve his poor treatment towards
us but I know the real person that I
know my Mother fell in love with,isn't
the same person I knew as my Dad in
my lifetime.

But that was him in my dream and
I truly cherish the real spirit he was
- that lives on in the better side of

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Patience in Transformations.

The snow has a way of making me feel a little bit like
I'm in a daze with it's peaceful spell and luscious velvety
coating across the landscape.Yesterday I sat outside to
enjoy my second cup of coffee and watch the day open
across the Wintery horizon.I brought out my camera too.

I believe Mother Nature can teach us human beings so
much about the art of living and learning by taking the
time to tune in to her majestic widsom.She's not always
easy to follow or understand but then again,neither are
we humans.Connecting to the natural elements is part
of the building blocks to understanding and accepting a
wide range of human conditions as well.It's just a matter
of taking the time out for such outdoorsy observations -
that can nurture us inside, spiritually and intellectually.

Sharing for those who just try to make the best of how
nature rolls.Personally I love the four seasons for all of 
it's lessons when paying attention,to patterns and most 
of all appreciating the patience in transformations.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

My Grief Writing Journal and Healing Blog.

I've been grief writing for many years to help my
heart connect the dots to my brain with a new
path for each loss to help me move forward in
this unique journey of life I live - and cherish.
Writing helps me get thoughts out to look at them.

Think about them as well as remind me where I've
come from,where I am today and where I believe
I can go forward from here to.Acceptance has to
be the weirdest and rockiest path in grief because
there's so many things to each loss that need to be
looked at,felt,observed and eventually learned from.

My Grief Writing Blog is here.

To anyone interested in grief reading and writing,via
Blogging.This is where I share my healing stories...
I welcome anyone who's out to read on perspectives
of others.Grief writing is not advice,it's a from of self
expression that helps me help myself.If you've what it
takes to think about  your own grief,you're likely on a
path towards acceptances as well.Grief is personal -
humanity is Universal.

Tabitha Montgomery

Taking what we need from 2016 into 2017

The end of 2016 is drawing to a close soon.

This is a good time to decide what we want 
to carry with us that nurtured who we are -
and what we need to leave or let go so we
are free to embrace the new.As humans,
we're each evolving through each page 
in the days of our lives.So here's to the
creative liberation of silent resolutions to
keep learning how to live true to ourselves.

Living life for the better of quality and not
to stay too long in the past where we are
not able to grow.Take what we need into
2017..Throw what we don't need up like
confetti into the air ! Celebrate our lives..
with the customized potentials to meet 
your hopes,dreams,goals - and more !!!

It's been said that endings are the start
of new beginnings.Today is a part of that.

May we each appreciate our unique time
- and place in the history of our lives with 
all of the patience that create the virtues.

Tabitha Montgomery


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fentanyl Crisis or Crime ?!

Vancouver and British Columbia are facing
the l
argest numbers of overdose deaths in
30 yrs.
Fentanyl/Carfentanil are the lethal mix
street drugs being cut with.It's criminal.YET,
there have been other bad batches of drugs
that have claimed many lives in the past too.
There is no number that can be acceptable.

This is effecting drug addicts and recreational
drug users.There is no sure way someone can
take something anymore without a very serious
risk of overdose.If they are alone,they will die.

Good to see more safe injections sites opening -
this can help save lives until they can get real
help - then again > where and in how long ?

What I feel like slamming my keyboard about 
today is how frustrated and angry I am at the 
lack of due care and human rights in Vancouver
City to access to immediate drug treatment for 
anyone who is seeking to get off of drugs safely.

People can die from drug overdose and alcohol
related deaths by different factors,all of which
is tragic.We need more prevention education.
Including more life coping skills for our youth.

Not all preventable deaths can be 
That part is obvious.

BUT what is a 
big possibility for prevention is the
chances of 
receiving immediate treatment and or
help with 
a prescribed medication until treatment
can be 
available. Holistic and creative options too.
The list of changes are slowly happening but what
we never see enough is the real long term changes.
Policies.Access and long term recovery / housing.

Our Government are happy to be able to rake
in the money for Tobacco and for Alcohol Sales .
Prescriptions drugs.

Why can't there be money available from there
to put into our Health Care for Addictions and
Mental Health services that can create a very
real and individualized plan for all walks of life
in need of assistance in getting back to stability.

Stigma seems deep in Government budgets.

Cost of treatment for private care is out of the
reach of many.Waiting list for other treatment

centers are long and growing.This is tragic.
I understand this takes money but how come it has
never been a priority to find the money - Federally
and Provincially to invest in the long term solutions ?

I am utterly fed up with the word CRISIS being used
when all too often these serious issues feel like they
are CRIMES against our " most vulnerable".Results of
years of neglect for earlier policy changes and the
investment in all of these health and housing issues.

" Our most vulnerable " Be it youth in Foster Care.
Seniors in assisted living.People addicted to drugs.
People with mental health issues.Homelessness.
We keep hearing that term " our most vulnerable "
news story after news story.Costing is human lives.
This is negligence.

Seems the most logical investment our future is
in need of is not just funding for more treatment

and housing.How about policies to increase the
quality of care and shorter death lists.How about
making our most vulnerable more of a priority ?

To me,these lack of priorities is not a crisis it is
a crime against humanity.

Health Care should not be a privilege for only
some people to access but be available for all
who are at risk today.To me,this is what needs
to become more of a priority if we ever want
to grow more civilized as a progressive society.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

FREE Downloadable Coping Kits

I've been Blogging about National Addiction Week
to keep it's importance in our communities and our
homes for preventative health as well as supportive
information to anyone who could use it right now.
Or file it under the Good To Know Facts.

Addictions do not effect everyone but when they do,
it can turn life upside down.The more coping tools -
with helpful information,the greater chances of being
able to face personal challenges in our private lives,a
little better.Or a lot.Every story is uniquely personal.
Yet,addiction is a Unverisal health issue that needs to
be kept out in the open for better understanding and
communications within the many complicated factors
that are added to it.Be it drugs or alcohol,addictions
effect the whole family unity and partnerships.

I am attaching a link to the website From Grief to Action
for people wanting to explore more facts and information
on Addictions.As well as a FREE downloadable Coping Kit
that could offer a wealth of helpful informative to assist you
and yours to helpful and positive ways of facing the many
challenges that come with having an active addictions with
people in your life and or in your home.Work or social circle.

Families,friends,partners,co workers,team mates - loved ones.
All are effected differently - and react and respond differently.
Helping ourselves can assist in managing differences to ensure
you feel you are doing your best with the knowledge you have
gained by reading,researching and understanding addictions a
little better.It is a very difficult and personal life issue.Nobody
needs to feel alone.There are a lot of us who have been there -
or are still living with these issues as well.There is no shame.

There are more and more people gaining courage and insights
to get professional and supportive guidance through times of
personal uncertainty with all addictions related issues.The more
we learn,the more empowered we can feel toward positive life
changes to the best of our ability and what is in our control and
what is not.

To anyone struggling today with any of the above issues and or
Mental Health Issues,please do not hesitate to start looking into
and or making the best of options you have.Free information on
the internet,local support groups,books from the library,TED talks
on Youtube.Creative outlets,health maintenance.Etc.Self care does
not mean you don't care about someone else's issues,it means you
need your energy to your own self care as well as caring for others.


Monday, November 14, 2016

2.National Addiction Awareness Week Nov.13th - 19th

Yesterday morning I went on air with a fellow board member of
From Grief to Action to promote putting awareness into actions.
National Addiction Awareness Week can be an opportunity to
try extending prevention,seeking support and professional help
should there be an issue of addiction with yourself or a loved one.

Every person has a story and complex needs at times.When we
are better educated on progressive health and support services,
we do not have to feel trapped and alone.There is also no need
for blame or shame.The time to act is for you to determined for
your own wellness and quality of life.When we see someone we
love facing the realities of addiction,it's a very powerless feeling.
It's frightening,maddening and too often,creating deep stress and
conflicts within a home,relationships and family.

Being able to know where to access support is important today
can make a difference in the ways you and or someone else can
learn tools to manage the challenges that face life with addictions.
This includes alcoholism and or complicated mental health issues.

Audio Vault for Radio Interview with myself and Chris Richardson.
From Grief to Action for National Addiction Awareness Week 2016 ( Search site for Nov.13th.9:00 am )
We were on just after the news ( about 7:40 on the audio bar )

For more information on From Grief to Action and more.

1.National Addiction Awareness Week Nov.13th - 19th

Yesterday morning I went on air with a fellow board member of
From Grief to Action to promote putting awareness into actions.
National Addiction Awareness Week can be an opportunity to
try extending prevention,seeking support and professional help
should there be an issue of addiction with yourself or a loved one.

Every person has a story and complex needs at times.When we
are better educated on progressive health and support services,
we do not have to feel trapped and alone.There is also no need
for blame or shame.The time to act is for you to determined for
your own wellness and quality of life.When we see someone we
love facing the realities of addiction,it's a very powerless feeling.
It's frightening,maddening and too often,creating deep stress and
conflicts within a home,relationships and family.

Being able to know where to access support is important today
can make a difference in the ways you and or someone else can
learn tools to manage the challenges that face life with addictions.
This includes alcoholism and or complicated mental health issues.

Audio Vault for Radio Interview with myself and Chris Richardson.
From Grief to Action for National Addiction Awareness Week 2016 ( Search site for Nov.13th.9:00 am )
We were on just after the news ( about 7:40 on the audio bar )

For more information on From Grief to Action and more.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

National Addiction Awareness Week Nov.13th - 19th

Addiction Awareness Week we've got to be
open to progressive avenues to open new
paths for those needing recovery from all
forms of addictions.Being held accountable
is more successful when people at risk can
find secure places for treatments and long
term health and moral support.For anyone
who is suffering today in silence and fear,
please go to a listings,online,phone books.
There are alternative methods that may be
suitable to your needs but please never try
to detox alone if you're addiction is severe.
Assessments can offer you the best routes.
Professional health advice makes all of the
difference in your safety - and longer term
ability to continue drug or alcohol free.It is
not easy for the body and brain to adjust,
each person is unique - across the board.
Talk to your local health practitioner,friend.
Someone you trust,including learning how
to tune in and trust your better intuition.It
is what is telling you to get back to wellness.
Be it living with someone in active addiction
and alcoholism,or it facing your own health.
It is only you who can make any positive life
changes but you do not have to feel alone.
I will be posting support listings here and I am
welcoming all Followers here to share their
own voices of support in comments,links to a
healthy and safe option for people of all walks
of life to find support for their life circumstances.
There's so much to do to increase treatment
availability,to all who are seeking or waiting,it
is important to stay tuned in to health support
networks.Groups.Detach from harmful others.
You can get through this.
Thank you to every single person who offers
a source of awareness put into action with the
kind of humanity and purpose that truly does
connect people to positive outlets for recovery.
Support,kindness,understanding and humanity.
You are each making a difference!
Tabitha Montgomery

Friday, October 28, 2016

B4STAGE4 - Mental Health Services In BC

Want to help improve Mental Health Services in BC?
Please follow this link and feel free to share as well!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Addiction post untitled.

I walked into the kitchen and found him gazing out the window
from the dining room table and down into our garden.I thought
I was interrupting him,so I  walked up quietly behind him to see
what he was being amused by.But when he didn't move a muscle,
I felt alarmed and confused.He had a lit cigarette burning in between
is index and middle finger of his left hand.The paper appeared to be
glued to his flesh with nicotine residue.He felt no pain.He seemed
to be completely numb.His slender arm from elbow forward, laid
still beside his pack of Players filter cigarettes and Bic lighter in front
of him on the table.His hair had been combed back,he had a fresh
shave to his face.He smelled clean -but looked sick with a disease.

His right arm limp in his lap.I felt a wave of nausea start to fill my
stomach when I saw his left long sleeve rolled up, revealing fresh
needle marks on his pale,scarred and slightly bruised saggy skin.
My flesh crawled and my eyes filled with tears.He seemed to be
in another place, I guess he was.So many mixed emotions come
up even as I write about it today from that side of my Dad's life.

It's so easy to take it personal when we don't understand the
entire picture of somebody's personal life living with addiction.

I know now,he was riddled with addictions so profoundly deep
within his biological chemistry.His own Mother died of her own
addictions alone in a rooming hotel when he was a young man.

During the 70's and 80's my Dad roamed the bars of downtown
East Side alone.Cold.Depressed.Sick.He had his nose broken in
street fights.He slept in his filthy clothes.I accept and understand
now that he truly became physically ill with his addictions and  -
mental health issues over the years because he gave up everything
loving and caring he once had - for such a gruesome way of life.

The paths that lead someone to addiction can start as far back
as our DNA all the way to falling into be it by over prescribed
medication or recreational use gone too far for too long.We see
human beings on our city streets,acting with unnatural mannerisms,
slumped beside buildings,squatting in dark doorways, shooting up
 in the light of day.It can be uncomfortable and confusing to see
in our civilized society.Think about  where else we see needles ?
In medical,health,clinical environments.When I see needles users
now and I understand addiction as a physically debilitating disease.
The fix is quick and less expensive.This is a way of survival for the
people we see that all too often are shunned by the general public.

There is so much more than what meets the eyes.To so many those,
drug addicted people just " junkies ".To me,that label is such an easy
scapegoat to being able to actualize the bigger risks that lead people
to addictions in the first place.Denial can have major consequences
when we believe it won't happen to us or know what's best for others.

Be it on our streets or behind closed doors,this is a massive epidemic
that demands new ways of moving forward past the misunderstandings
that cause so many to act resentful towards those on blocks of streets,
desperately displaced and in unimaginable physical and emotional pain.

My Father's spirit and body deteriorated over the two decades of his
lonely addictive lifestyle.He died after using heroin at a kitchen table
after a relapse.He must have known the risks with his poor health yet
he seemed to have either thought he'd be fine or he simply didn't care

Two decades since his death,I support and understand how urgently
needed Supervised Safe Injections Sites are to connecting with drug
users on our streets with humanity.Health care and options for detox.
The list of resources such facilities can offer someone suffering has an
unlimited potential to help get people back on two healthy feet again.
But there's a lot more work to do with getting more funding and long
term solutions to assist an addict in taking accountability.The two go
hand in hand.Without anywhere to go,an addict is destine to repeat
a vicious cycle.Progressive harm reduction and advocates working
together in different areas of expertise,sitting at the same meetings or
tables.Sharing the same objective,to help save lives - is why I myself
am dedicated to doing what I can to share drug health education and
awareness,because this isn't just about my own losses or enlightenment's.

This is about someone else who has just walked into the kitchen of a home
somewhere and has found a loved one who is actively living with addiction.

The moral of this post is that when someones afflictions are very
visible for us to see in public,we may become uncomfortable for
different reasons.Many people believe addictions is a " lifestyle "
choice people make.To those who deny the probability of  drug use
ever becoming a part of their own family and or private lives, please
know - so did a lot of those people you shun for being drug addicts.

I chose not to put any official title to this Blog post because what
it contains is a complex and personal health issue that have far too
many components for one title to think of for today.Thank you for
your time in reading.Please feel free to leave a comment as well or
write me an email on your thoughts if  you'd like to.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Catching our breath..

Feel like you need to catch your breath ?
When it feels like we are unorganized
- and overwhelmed at times in life,it is
because we probably are.It is easy to
fall behind with priorities in life when
we try to do too much and or avoid
what we need to do.It's hard to get
back on track.Taking time out for a
mental cleanse and rebooting energy
means we can restart organizing and
and planning what we can do TODAY.
There's no shame in any of us learning
to accept what works and what doesn't.
Eventually denial can get exhausting.
One of our greatest gifts in life is to be
free to live and learn.Discovering more
about ourselves - in humble ways to be
willing to grow as a unique human being.
Life isn't always easy but the key for us
I believe ,is to keep it manageable and
true to ourselves each breath of the way.


Friday, October 7, 2016

Thoughts for Thanksgiving Weekend 2016

It's the Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday
long weekend already again.For some
of us,we're missing loved ones who are
passed on,or others who are estranged.
It's not always easy for families to all get
along,be on the same page and or put a
few differences away during family dinners.
If it is,consider yourself extra lucky and be
sure to let your loved ones know just how
thankful you are for the unconditional love.
Stressses for some families be magnified if
there is alcohol consumed all together as
well.For those who are feeling the stress
and or the grief of holidays gone by when
life seemed a little simpler,may you each
give yourselves permission to detach from
the usual BS that creates tension at the
dinner table.Remind yourself not to take
the bait of someone who is out to start a
confrontation.But rather,find what peace
you can within,take the to the dinner table.
We may not be able to choose our family
nor be able to control certain issues with
them.But, we can choose how we need to
deal with them to live within our own rights
to finding peace in life and celebrating the
things we CAN and ARE Thankful for today.
Wishing everyone a peaceful long weekend.
Whether you're celebrating the holiday or not.

Friday, September 9, 2016

My Dad's last relapse.

I will never know if my Dad knew that the day
he had his last relapse,would be his last day
on Earth.There was no evidence to suggest he
knew his risks other than to assume he did after
over two decades of drug and alcohol addiction.

At age 57,my Dad's body was damaged from
years of toxic abuse and unhealthy lifestyle.No
way to reverse some of the damages that can
build up in a human body,mind and their spirit.
Especially because he never really tried hard to.

But -

My Dad had been keeping a low profile in his
last year of life.Spending time away from the
city and temptations of rampant feeding to his
chronic alcoholism and on and off again drug
use.His body was not well.His breath,tired.

He was spending time with Mother as they
had always remained close as friends.She
knew the man I called my Dad before he
lost himself in addictions.I never knew him
clean and sober.The man I got to know at
the end of his life was still toxic.He did not
know how to heal.He never made amends.

Not to me or to himself.He literally held his
breath.Walking and talking as though there
was nothing to say.All the while I wondered
why his two decades of not being present for
his family ever seemed to matter at all to him.

He would cry once in awhile for himself but
he just could never come clean with verbally
taking accountability for his ill actions towards
himself and his family. I've concluded this was
due to immense shame and most times,denial.

The last day of my Dad's life he had a visitor
at his home.An old so called friend he would
drink and use with.My family knew of him.
He and my Dad began to drink earlier in the
afternoon.My Dad's friend brought heroin -
and so began my Father's last drug relapse.

He did not live to see that evening.

Every shred of hope I had secretly held
within and between my resentments,fears
and love for him,drowned in my mourning.

I mourned the Dad I never got to have -
long before he died but I never gave up
hoping that maybe I would at least get a
part of that Dad who could be the man
I wanted to feel proud to call my Dad.
His overdose death complicated my
grief. I needed to learn to unravel as it
was as complicated as my relationship
was with him.Very hurtful with no hope

After 20 plus years of his drug /alcohol abuse,
his denial believing he could live well blocked
his path to wellness.That same denial cost him
his life by believing he could use again and not
die.His denial taught me to never think it could
never happen to me.I am 21 yrs.sober now as
I woke up one morning after a drinking binge
and saw his face in the mirror.I was not going
to put my kids through what my Dad's chronic
alcoholism and addiction did to his family.I do
not harbor resentments towards my Father in
anyway anymore.My living true to my own life
and wellness,I have learned to forgive,let go -
and continue to learn on how to understand the
human brain and addiction/alcoholism.There is
no shame.No blame.

My Father came from a family of alcoholics.
He could not break his own chains.But I will
honor the elders I never got to know with a
compassion and understanding that all of the
life realities in addiction,do not have to end
before we can each find a healthier path in life.

September is National Recovery Month.
If anyone is in recovery and still struggling,
please reach out to sources of healthy and
secure support for yourself.Relapsing can
occur for many reasons.There's no shame
but there is danger.Keep living true to your
wellness and right to recovery.Life is a gift
including you're in recovery.Embrace it!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Life potentials..

Photo by Tabitha Montgomery 

I woke up today heavy and tired.
Congested and achy.Yearning to
get back to creativity - but still full
of much inspiration - and insights
to the work we human beings in
reality are meant to do for future
generations.Let's keep progress 
creative over destructive.The Arts
nurture perspectives,build bridges
and feed our cognitive and spiritual
well being.Heavy post here maybe
for some people.For others,I know 
you get it.Customize wellness and
life truly unfolds our life potentials.


Sunday, September 4, 2016

International Overdose Awareness Day,Vancouver.2016 ( IOAD )

I'm please to have made this happen.
IOAD Solidarity.

A few months ago I decided to pick up the telephone
and call the City of Vancouver to find out how I would
go about finding a site and planning in IOAD Event.
I had thought about organizing one for a few years after
learning about how to when I discover the website called

My own personal life has been deeply effected by the
losses of close loved ones. I've also lost acquaintances
and am close to people who have lost loved ones.This
touches all walks of life.Nobody is immune to drug or
alcohol abuse issues.Nobody is immune to overdosing.

I've never done it before.I felt a bit nervous when I made
the first phone call - but by the time I got off of the phone
after speaking with the helpful and encouraging staff at
The City of Vancouver,Events Planning and Permits -
I was booked at the Vancouver Art Gallery for Aug.31
the official day of International Overdose Awareness Day.

I also contacted City Hall and put an application in for an
International Overdose Awareness Day Proclamation that
would be signed by Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson.
That was approved and I am pleased to assist Vancouver
to be put on the map in solidarity with other Cities around
the world who are doing the same,officially observing IOAD
on Aug.31.Vancouver has had events around town in the past
but it has been been as recognized at it should be so being able
to help increase Overdose Awareness with the Proclamation -
and Annual Events in downtown Vancouver,makes a difference.

There were other *events from the DTES March,out to Surrey,
Abbotsford,Kamloops all the way over to several in Ontario.
Fifty plus events officially registered events on the website for
IOAD - From countries all around the world!

I slowly started to write up a draft of what I hoped the event
would look like and what it could offer the general public.I'm
happy to I kept moving past a few fears and set backs after
the original site for VAG was facing construction delays.As I
was able to secure a paid site nearby.The Vigil and Rally went
on as planned.I facilitated a wide range of organizations,people
and harm reduction workers to bring together progressive drug
health drug and services out for the public of Vancouver to be
able to learn more about.There is a lot of support and services
in Vancouver for which many may not be aware of and or want
to learn more about.This included a Naloxone Table with Kits,
Information and on the spot Naloxone training and certificates.

The level of passion,expertise,progressive harm reduction /
Overdose Prevention/Addiction and Mental Health service
Information that was shared at this event was a powerhouse
of inspiration and education.From people on the front lines,
behind the scenes and everywhere in between.There are a
lot of dedicated and passionate people,making a difference!

Plans are already in the works for IOAD Vancouver 2017.
Site is booked and rough draft of plans are in the making.

Keep the messages of International Overdose Awareness Day
in conversations.In your own hearts and minds all year round.

Thank you to all who support IOAD efforts to improve the
quality of life in our homes and through out global societies.

Tabitha Montgomery

* IOAD is open to anyone who would like to get involved.
Please follow this link to official website for more information.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Summer Sunday Morning Meditation Muse

I woke up early today.Sun blasting
against our Jumbo Sunflower plants.
Heat immediately impaling my flesh.
Sweat beads still sitting in my pours.
Black Siamese cat cleaning himself
on the inflated air mattress left out
to dry on the front lawn.Be he was
touched we left him a Queen size
bed.He's very appreciative,that cat.
Ocean breeze whispering up the hill
from the Inlet make the dehydrated
leaves fall gracefully of the branches.
I so appreciate the time I take for my
morning coffee and meditation.
I feel my mind truly enjoying a much
needed long stretch and big yawn as
I enjoy long deep breaths.Serenity.
Grassy yard coated with signs of Fall
already.But were not there yet.Today
is starting out to be a beautiful,sunny
Summer Sunday.BC has the best of
all four seasons and I intend to soak
each moment of today even as my
t-shirt will soak up the sweat by it all.
I love Summertime.I love Sundays.
Serene living includes making the
most of our natural environment.It
has so much to offer us humans to
include in wellness and rejuvenation.
Wishing everyone a recharging your
energy kind of Sunday before a new
week kicks off again tomorrow again.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Peace is what we each bring to the world.

Too often we assume the roles of 
" peace keeping " to a higher sort 
of authority.But each of our are the 
pieces to a peaceful society and -
of humanity.There's no other way
we're going to manage each other
in any other way but with integrity 
to take good self care and not be 
reactive to others around us or to
the events carrying tragedies/fear.

Imagine if we each could take 
our dismays and became a bit 
more mindful to those who live
in harms way on every level.To
show compassion instead of a
sort of ignorance that problems
of the world are other people's
problems(WE are the PEOPLE).

Borders do not divide humanity.
Diversity exemplifies qualities to
mix together for insightful and -
creative ways to get along on this
planet.Power struggles snap back.
Nobody wins.

It takes courage to keep walking out 
the door and into the public with the 
dignity and grace to be kind in a day 
and age when so many people are 
becoming very detached from civility.
Don't let this make you bitter or jaded
we need one another to keep society 
safe n sounder - as much as we can.

Time to turn " hopes n prayers "
into daily acts of patience - and 
kindness to one another.Peace 
is what you bring to the world ♥

This feeds our own spiritual side
to keep practice living peacefully.
With the tenacity to never give up
our rights to be free to follow our
hopes and dreams.This is also
the example our youth need
for future generations as well.

We are each a piece of peace.


Friday, July 8, 2016

The sound of the rain.

~Photo by Tabitha Montgomery ~

This mornings mediation muse...

I woke up this quiet morning on my street
to the sounds of the peaceful Summer rain.

I opened the window to let in the fresh air
of the new day that carried in songs from 
the early rising morning birds.I only wish 
I knew the words - but I trust what they 
sing is meaningful among themselves and
for a human ear to catch it means there is
enough peace and quiet to ponder those
meanings.That mix of softly beating rain
and crystal clear charms of the birds chirp
to me - carries mornings mediation bliss.

My heart feels heavy as the damp skies.

Grey clouds shrouding the sun as it is my
own light inside me.Nobody can deny the
state of the world with it's senseless acts
of violence and the united innocent pain

and grief that follows.Humans are afraid
to leave the house.People are angry and
feel powerless to make justice work right.

I see so many tears, so many death tolls.

We all see it on the news every single day.

We feel it among tension and anxiety out 
on the streets and in traffic.That silence
can feel so hopeless if we don't break it
with common decency and genuine care
that's also known as humanity.We're all 
in this together.Those good mannerisms
- can rebuild a persons faith in a new day
and in each of our own personal lives.

The rain is slowing down to dainty drops 
bouncing off the bright pink rose bush,out 
in my garden.The crows are moving in for
brunch as they scope out the garbage cans
lined up in the alley ways.The clouds look 
a bit brighter now.There is a whole day for
me to channel my energy into productivity.
Sometimes we've just got to unload all of 
the negativity-  and human condition angst.

Non of us can save the world - but we can 
exercise our rights to live free and in peace
by not becoming what angers and hurts us.
Everyone deserves to wake up on their own
quiet streets, hearing peacefulness in the rain -
any day of the year without heaviness or fear.

Because we should never give up our rights to 
finding some kind of peace within each of us.
A challenge for some of us more than others-
please don't give up-humanity needs you.

That way we have a little more brighter energy
to give back to the world instead of the letting 
the darker parts of our world - take it from us.
I don't want that to happen to me in my  life,
how about you and in yours ?


Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Canada Day

Photo by Tabitha Montgomery 

~ Happy Canada Day ~
Grateful to be a Canadian with
Austrian and Cree in my blood.
Married to a landed immigrant 

from the USA.In a country here
where we are progressive and 
free to embrace diversity and -
with an abundance of natural
resources.Keep Canada Cool.

Keep living free and in peace.
There's no place like home 

Monday, June 27, 2016

~ Beautiful BC Summertime Fresh Fruits ~

~ Photo from Tabitha Montgomery ~

Tis' the
Summertime season
with the abundance
 of tasty,mouth watering
BC Fresh Fruits & Berries!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

~ Customized Adventures of Seeking Inner Peace ~

Photo By Tabitha Montgomery 

~ A Sunday Muse ~
by Tabitha Montgomery.

Sitting beneath the late JuneVitamin D infused
warmth and sunlight,I began to travel back to
a time in my life when Summer was about the 
ice cream treats,running barefoot through the
sprinkler across soft,cool fresh cut lawns.
Or stabbing my little feet on sharp broken shells
at the beach as I hopped across the hot sand as
though they were fiery coals,so could to get to the
cool ocean seashore and frolic in the waves.Even
if I almost always caught a partial wave in with my
mouth and threw up a little.(I just loved the water).

There wasn't a care in the world other than maybe
those few abrasions on my feet or sunburned shoulders.
Nothing my Mom couldn't fix with a kiss,a band aid,
and a cold Noxzema hand painted across my back ,
when the sunburn started to shine and blister.

How could I have for seen my life ahead would be far
less endearing and as carefree as an adult ? Somehow 
though,I think I did know there were some tough life 
realities in store,I watched other adults.I was close to
my Mom.I was an intuitive young person.Yet,the tools
to keep that connection to curiosity and inner peace 
would still have to be earned through my own adult 
life experiences - and with a lot of self care work,I 
do believe I have gained a lot of helpful coping tools
to accept a lot of life and world reality.Circumstances.

Some wisdom comes full circle around for each of us.

I have to say without a shadow of a doubt that one of
the biggest life coping tools goes right back to childhood.
The simplest forms of freedom and carefree inner peace
was truly just enjoying the simplest things in life.It works.

I still love ice cream treats,running barefoot through the
sprinkler across soft and cool fresh cut lawns( on days 
when there are no water restrictions by laws in place ).
Stabbing my now big feet on sharp broken shells at the
beach as I now hobble across the hot sand as though they
are fiery coals,so I can to get to the cool ocean seashore
and frolic in the waves(once in a Half Moon Bay).Even if 
I almost ( but really try not to!) caught a partial wave in 
with my mouth and throw up a little.I still love the water.

There was a dark grieving time in my life when I would
just sit on the beach all in black with a hat on and just
watch my kids have fun while I sat,like a stone cold rock.
Years I yearned for that fun and freedom to play.It was
a big shifting place within me the first day I actually
felt the Summer sun and water fun let me feel like I
was actually letting go.Allowing myself to feel at
peace a little more and just stay in the moment.

I enjoy all of the simple activities I enjoyed as a kid and 
to me,being an adult I get to take them further away from
home by travelling,camping,outdoor adventures or just to
simply sit on my back deck,beneath the late June Vitamin D
infused warmth and sunlight,meditate for a little while and 
then treat myself to a little cup of ice cream and enjoy it.

Life often presents challenges,at times rather sudden ones.
It's good to take a time out to reflect on stress management
and try taking time out for ourselves and our families to have
a little fun,fresh air,exercise. (( Whatever works for you )).

Sometimes I think we adults are so fussy trying to find 
inner peace outside of ourselves or from other people.
When really,there's such a unique tool kit within each of 
us of places and things we like to do we can reconnect
with in a new adult form,that is truly a feeling of inner 
peacefulness and joy.That can also lead us to brand
new life experiences and reflective perspectives.

Here's wishing everyone appreciate many customized 
adventures along seeking your own kind of inner peace.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

While we have a high profiled sex crime case
trending our news waves and open letters on
media surfacing, let's not forget that violence
against women is global.There are no forms
of justice for countless women we will never 
hear about.So thank you to everyone who's
sharing courage to speak out against crimes
of violence and sexual exploitation against an
innocent human being.Any age or gender.It is
time to keep this issue out in the open with the
letters,the conversations at home and society
hearing loud and clear - sex crimes must stop
being ignored or treated like someone asked
for it.The women in this *story were murdered
- because they refused it...." It " being raped...

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Very Real & Healthy Introvert Here.

It took me years to figure out why I never felt
like I fit in socially around people and peers.
Almost 50 yrs old,I'm understanding myself
much more clearly as introverted and I like it.
Sharing some links for others who prefer the
quiet life for themselves as well.It's not a bad
or snobby thing.It's a very real,healthy thing.

Read on if you like..


Friday, June 3, 2016

Fentanyl Fatalities in 2016

Fentanyl fatalities are making headlines in 2016
as a highly potent and deadly form of opiate drug.

*BC Coroner had reported 200 deaths in Vancouver
already in 2016 caused by fentanyl drug overdose.
This includes other street drugs (turned deadlier) in
illegal drug labs that are being  laced with fentanyl.

Nobody can be sure what's in a drug they buy on
the streets.There are no guarantees and it is a true
game of Russian roulette.Terrifying for families who
have a loved one addicted - or experimenting with
recreational (some because their peers are socially).

Then there are those who become addicted to a
prescribed pain management medication.Without
the proper information and oversight to refills,the
out patient of a doctor who has prescribed any
kind of opiate pain medication can become very
addicted to their medication.BC doctors and the
lower mainland pharmacy now have a program in
place to monitor pain medication refills to act as a
means of monitoring patience med use and can be
a way to help intervene earlier if a patient has had
an addictive pattern developed after injury,etc.

Addiction not an easy realization for some people.
Some deny it or become afraid .Their body has
become addicted,the physical symptoms if they
don't have the medication can be unbearable.To
many of us,we cannot imagine what that's like.

Drug abuse,addiction and overdose can come in
all forms and walks of life.It does not discriminate.
It can happen subtly and quickly.It is not always a
choice for people to use " drugs " in the form of a
prescribed medication.The medical condition of
a person who's become addicted is very serious.

Recent high profile drug overdose example.
Prince may have been a very private person - but
was apparently well known for his self discipline
in keeping healthy.You just have to watch how he
performed to that.He got addicted and wanted to
get help.Sometimes that realization comes too late.

It's a tragic devastating loss to lose someone from
such a highly * preventable death.It's perplexing
how to help or stop it when we stand alone but as
a society,we can help keep current information out
in the public.Share warnings,resources,support and
health services that can intervene earlier,if people
are more aware and less afraid or less ashamed..

Preventable by either total abstinence - or under
carefully monitored medical assistance and usage.

The deaths of those who've died from overdose will
not be forgotten.They were lives that mattered and
are remembered how they lived - not just how they
died.Just as Prince will be remembered for his life -
so will countless others who don't make headlines.

Including very dear loved ones I've lost and maybe
you have lost too.Together we can maintain dignity
and courage to strip away stigmas and keep health
issues around drugs - a very real form of education
in our ways of acceptance,awareness,real changes
with lower risks and hopefully more lives saved.



The number of deaths are higher now I believe since
this report was made back in April of 2016.This is an
ongoing and very serious public health concern.